Monday, February 12, 2007

"Are You There God? It's Me, Brigitte"

Ok, so I know God is there, here, and everywhere.

I know He doesn't always answer prayers, and there is always a reason even when we never understand, BUT...

Seriously, this isn't funny.

Go back 6 months and read this post.

Yep, Doug's sick.

He called me today and asked me to get him into the doctor today because he is feeling really sick with THE FLU!

Luckily (???), the doctor said it is not the flu after doing some weird q-tip up his nose test. She said he just has a really bad virus and he cannot come near me.

So, Doug is now been kicked out of the house and has to stay at his parents. Thankfully, they live near by and will let him stay.

If there is anything good about this, it is that he should be better by Friday. If he's not, he's not allowed in the operating room.

It'll be fun to see which one of my family members will actually go in with me, see me cut open, and get pictures of the baby as he is born since NO ONE in my family is good with bloody stuff.

Also, #2 is currently still nameless, but I am narrowing down to a few names. I guess I really need to make a decision considering I only have a few days. And yes, I said I need to make a decision. Doug has now given up and said he'll accept any name as long as I pick one before the baby is here.

My nephew, Austin, is really pushing for Jesus. (Not the commonly accepted Hey-Suess, he wants Gees-Us.)

Any other suggestions?


cindy said...

If your mom or MIL will keep Barrett for you, I'll go into the operating room with you. I'd love to watch them cut you open and take pictures. Not that I really want you to be cut open, I just htink it would be really cool. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

They must have tested for RSV. I never heard of it, till Mary. That is what led to Mary's phen. Don't worry when adults get it isn't as bad the docs say. Steve and I got it too from Mary and we just had a bad cold. I am glad he is staying away because it is very contagious. By Friday, he will fine!