Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally, an Update with Pictures

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last week has been insane!

Friday morning, we went to the hospital, and Fisher was delivered by c-section at 12:20 with no real drama. He did have fluid on his lungs which made him have to spend 6 hours in the NICU, but we were finally able to hold him a little before 10 Friday night.

Saturday was filled with visitors, but the most exciting part of the day was watching Barrett meet his new little brother.

Nana and Paw brought Barrett in the afternoon, and he came right in the room saying, "baby!"

He was mesmerized by Fisher in the bassinet until he noticed the balloons that his Gigi brought for him.

Daddy then put Barrett in bed with me, and he liked pushing the buttons on my bed. Then Doug brought Fisher over to the bed and Barrett had his first chance to really meet his brother.

The first thing he did was lean over and hug him while saying, "awwww".

He then decided that Fisher's nose needed to be honked.

(When Barrett gets in bed with Doug and I in the mornings, he likes to honk our noses and say honk, then he will honk his own nose too. So, I guess him leaning over, honking Fisher's nose, and saying, "honk" was Fisher's initiation into the family.)

Barrett also wanted to check out everything about him. He quickly noticed the band aid on Fisher's foot, and decided to kiss the bo-bo to make it better.

While the grandparents held the new baby, Barrett enjoyed the big brother cake the hospital brought for him and he played with his balloons some more too.

Overall, their first encounter was nothing short of perfect. It will definitely be one of my favorite mommy memories for years to come.

I wish I could say the rest of the week went as smoothly.

Doug went home Saturday night, so I was alone in the hospital with Fisher. It was nice to be alone with him, but it was still hard to be there without Doug.

On Sunday, Barrett started feeling bad, and by Sunday night, he had a very high fever. So, I ended up alone in the hospital until Tuesday when I went home (with a few visits from mom, Nana, and Doug), and Doug ended up taking care of a sick Barrett.

Barrett ended up getting worse, and on Monday, was diagnosed with a virus. We had to ship him off to Doug's parents while Doug and Mom sanitized the house so Fisher could come home Tuesday.

We made it home fine on Tuesday, and we are adjusting to the sleepless nights. Barrett went back to the doctor this morning and apparently he had roseola and he now has strep throat. He started antibiotics this morning and assuming he doesn't get a fever again, he can finally come home tomorrow.

I know it will be harder once he is home, but it has been awful knowing that he's really sick for the first time in his life and there was nothing I could do. I really just miss him, and I want him home. A week without him has been hard.

With Barrett returning, I have no idea when I will be able to write again. Be patient, I will return!


Cindy said...

Those pictures are adorable! He is so handsome! Even more so in person!

Karen said...

Awwwwww, he's so cute! I'm sorry you're not having a smooth week. I can imagine that would be really tough with Barrett sick. It would be tough enough with everyone healthy! Fisher is so adorable and I'm happy for you!

Scrapbooking Princess said...

Congratulations!!! I found you through Jenna Benna's site! Your kids are adorable. I hope Barrett is better soon.

Scrapbooking Princess said...
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Aunt Misti said...

When you are in the hospital alone, that is when you call on your friends!!!
I can't wait to see my new nephew in person!!
I love you all!!! He is gorgeous and yes, the first meeting would be my favorite mommy moment too!!!
Aunt Misti:)

Carla said...

Awww...He is so handsome with all of that dark hair...All of the pictures are priceless! Ya'll have such a beautiful family. I am so happy for ya'll

Amanda said...

I am so excited for you guys. Fisher looks absolutely beautiful. He reminds me of his Uncle Ray with that head full of hair. We can't wait to meet him and hope to see you guys soon. If you EVER need anything, Mo and I are around the corner. Please call.