Thursday, June 28, 2007


I realized half way through my "vacation" that I never even mentioned on the blog that we were going to visit my dad in Arizona. We planned the trip at the last minute, so I guess things just got to busy.

We are now home, and I am EXHAUSTED! The trip itself wasn't too tiring, but the journey home was no fun at all.

A 3+ hour delay at the airport, a closed road which turned into an hour extra of driving, and a storm that required the high speed of about 30 mph to even be able to see, turning a 4 and a half hour trip into a 11 hour trip with two little ones just isn't all that enjoyable.

I'll write more on the trip later.

What are the odds I'll get a nap in today?

I know, not good, not good at all.


Laura Neal said...

Arizona is so pretty! I can imagine the last leg of your journey was literally the trip from Hades.

Anonymous said...

Come on Brigitte, You gotta leave the kids at home to have a REAL vacation...I just returned from Cozumel...I left Ryan and Rylan at home!! I know terribly selfish. I can't believe how fast Fisher is growing.