Sunday, July 01, 2007


Our trip to Arizona was lots of fun especially for Barrett.

We started our trip by driving to Austin the afternoon before we left so we could watch my cousin play baseball.

He has made it to AAA, and while I am anxiously waiting for him to make it to Houston, I liked the minor league stadium much better than the stadium here. It had all kinds of activities for kids and was very clean. Even though Mark didn't win the game, I loved going to see him. Barrett was way more excited about the mascot than the actual game.

The real adventure in Austin was staying in a hotel with both kids. Barrett thought of a king size bed as more of a play land and not a place to sleep.

While Doug was getting Fisher to sleep, I went to bed with Barrett. I tried everything I could to get him to calm down and sleep. I did not have any luck. Doug put Fisher in the portable crib, and he came to bed.

We had Barrett surrounded, but that didn't help.

He just kept talking, rolling, jumping, laughing, and NOT sleeping. We considered putting him in the crib and having Fisher with us, but the thought of possibly waking the only sleeping kid we had was just too risky.

Finally, Doug and I turned our backs to him and ignored him. He got really still and quiet, and just as I started to think I was going to sleep, Barrett scooted close to me, wiggled his fingers, and said, "tickle, tickle, tickle."

I laughed which led to another half hour of his bed aerobics.

Eventually either he fell asleep or we did, I'm really not sure.

At one point in the night, after Barrett had busted my lip with a kick to the face, I was sleeping across the bottom of the bed, Doug had his pillow on the nightstand, and Barrett was happily snoring.

Mental note to self: NEVER try that again. Barrett will be in the crib next time.

On Friday morning, we made it the the airport with no problems.

Barrett was thrilled to watch all the planes.

When we got on the plane, we had a 45 minute delay, so Barrett was pretty restless.

Fortunately, as soon as we were in the air, I turned on the DVD player, and he was perfect the whole flight with the exception of requesting DVD changes every 5 minutes. (Thank you Gigi for that wonderful Christmas gift!)

Fisher slept through his entire first flight.

Once we got to Tucson, Barrett was excited to see Papa, but more excited to see Digger and Brandy, the dogs.

When we made it outside, Barrett saw that Papa had a "big pool" in his yard. He ended up in the water before we even got his suit on. So, I ran in, found my suit, and swam with him. We hadn't even been there 15 minutes.

Later that night, Uncle Ray and Kristin drove in from Phoenix to stay for the weekend. Fisher was already out cold, and Barrett was nice and grumpy by then.

On Saturday morning, all the men went to play golf, and Kristin and I swam with Barrett.

While we swam, Mary held Fisher inside. (Fisher was held the WHOLE trip.)

Once the men came home, we all played in the pool while, once again, Mary held Fisher in the air-conditioned house or in the shade outside. We did the same thing on Sunday too.

Barrett loved swimming with Uncle Ray, Papa, and Daddy.

Barrett became an expert with the water gun. He could shoot anyone at any distance.

He also shot himself a few times too!

His other pool time entertainment was throwing golf balls in the pool for all of us to fetch. Papa was kind enough to pull out the bucket of 50 yellow range balls that Doug and I dove for over and over again.
He doesn't have the balls in this picture, but this is one of the places where he sat to throw and roll the balls in.

Doug thought that he was going to get to play with Papa's cool water toys, the remote control jet ski and boat, but Barrett had other plans.

On Sunday evening, Ray and Kristin went home, but the water fun continued the rest of the trip anyway. We just had less pairs of hands to help us.

Barrett not only loved the pool, but he also loved the sprinklers. He thought running through them was big fun, and he was mesmerized by the wet footprints on the ground.
Here is his footprint next to Papa's.

On our last day there, we of course, swam all day again. This time, Fisher actually made it into the pool once it was shaded in the evening. He didn't like the cold water at first, but once he got over the initial shock, he loved it.

He even managed to hang out in the big float too.

Overall, the trip was lots of fun with the the exception of the journey home. Barrett is still talking about the big pool with guns and golf balls.

Thank you Mary and Papa for having us out to your house. Maybe next year the boys will come on their own for a week or two! :)

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