Wednesday, July 04, 2007

He's Fine?

The other day while Barrett was napping and I was arguing with the computer, Doug was in the living room "taking care of" Fisher.

After about 20 minutes, Doug came in to inform me that Fisher was asleep in his bouncy seat so he was going to go outside to do whatever it was that he thought he needed to do.

I guess I was crazy to assume that "asleep in his bouncy seat" meant that he was safely buckled in.

Here is what I found when I went to check on Fisher a little while later.

Doug swears he wasn't like that when he went outside to play.

I guess since Fisher survived, it's ok. After all, he looks pretty happy to me.


Laura Neal said...

It looks like someone loves their bouncy chair.
Happy 4th to you and your whole family!

Jami said...

It is after 12 AM, I have been working at my computer all evening and I must go to bed I tell myself. And then a little voice says, "look at Brigitte's blog"........I am so glad I did! The photos of Fisher half out of the bouncy seat will send me off to bed with a smile on my face and I thank you, Fisher and Doug for that! Great postings,