Monday, July 02, 2007

Dancing Fool

Yesterday, we were really bored because of the bad weather.

Hopefully, today might get better. When Barrett got up this morning, he walked into the living room, pointed outside at the falling rain, and said, "rain, no, rain again."

Since we didn't have much else to do, I ended up taking a bunch of pictures and videos.

I haven't tried to upload video yet because to be honest, I hadn't gotten anything blog worthy on film until now...

Barrett was having fun dancing, and as you'll see, he obviously got his dancing ability from me.

(Ignore the mess in the background. Like I said, we were inside all day.)

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You couldn't actually hear the kiss he gave himself, but that's one of his newest things. I think he got tired on waiting for me to kiss things better, so now he just kisses his own boo boos and moves on.

I'll try and add a video of Fisher soon, but now that I have Barrett's video here, I can't remember how I did it. Ugh!

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Anonymous said...

Brigitte, enjoyed the update. I don't think you will have to talk Barrett into going back to Papa's house. The pool looks really inviting. I'm glad you had a good trip.