Friday, July 13, 2007

One Down, Too Many to Go

After about 6 weeks of bad sleeping, gallons of drool, and countless hours of chewing, Fisher has finally cut his first tooth!

Three days ago, I could feel the tooth had broken through, but you couldn't really see the little white chomper. Today, you can see it. It's only a little white spot, but it is there.

I'm not sure which day to say he got it.

With Barrett, I always saw it the same day you could feel it.

Although, I know if I went ahead in time about 8 years and asked Fisher, he would tell me he cut it on the 10th not the 13th.

I know with having boys this close in age, there will always be competition.

If I write the 10th in the baby book, it will be one less thing they can argue about.

There would be no way to say who was better or faster in the category of first teeth.

There could be no argument because Fisher getting his first tooth on July 10th would mean that Barrett and Fisher were the EXACT same age when they got their first teeth.

And everyone has told me that siblings will never do anything the same!

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Anonymous said...

I am POSITIVE you are correct that two young brothers will argue about who cut their teeth first-but only when they have exhausted everything else to fight about.

I KNOW from experience sisters never argued over ANYTHING.