Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boom Boom Boom

We've been listening to fireworks for days!

Our neighborhood is great. It's not in the middle of Houston, there isn't a ton of traffic, there are a tons of kids all around us, but there is one downside...


There is no law against any person setting off as many as they'd like at any hour.

I like them on the 4th of July, but I do not like them until 2 in the morning for days on end.

Barrett, on the other hand, loves them.

He loves saying boom after hearing them. The first night we heard them going off, he ran around saying, "boom, boom, boom." I think he thought it was guns being fired.

Last night, he actually got to see fireworks. We went to Doug's aunt and uncle's house to celebrate the 4th and to celebrate his cousin, Christopher, who is in the Army, being home from overseas.

When we first got to the party, Barrett immediately spotted Nana, and then he saw the bouncy castle.

He loved to bounce almost as much as he loved getting in and out of it. He pretty much blocked the entrance the whole time he was near the thing.

Once some big kids bounced with him, he started to understand what it was about. He was completely unafraid of other kids landing on him.

Nana even got in to bounce with him!

He was MAD when we made him get out so the big kids could really bounce.

Fisher just enjoyed being held.

Great-Grandpa held him for a long time, but once he sat down, Fisher wanted to bounce like his brother. Grandpa said he was just too hard to hold while he jumped on his lap. Paw took over, and Fisher stood on his lap and jumped and jumped!

Once it was dark, the fireworks started, and Barrett was loving watching them.

Fisher was less than thrilled with the noise, but he liked the bright light.

Unfortunately, with the dark came the mosquitoes, so we didn't stay for all the fireworks.

When we got home, our street was full of people setting off fireworks. Barrett and I headed down to watch for a while.

He was having a blast with all the little girls. He ended up laying on a blanket with NeeNee and another little girl to watch the fireworks. He was less than thrilled when I picked him up to take him home, but it was 10:30.

He went to sleep as soon as his head hit the bed, and he is still asleep at 9:20 this morning.

Maybe fireworks aren't so annoying after all! :)


karen said...

Oh, I remember how I hated that when we lived in Houston. So many fireworks for the 4th and New Years. About a week before and a week after. And then you find firework paper in your yard until about October! I don't know if it was because of the massive amounts of rain for the past 3 weeks, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of fireworks here!

Anonymous said...

Brigitte, I love the videos. It took me a while to get it to work.Thanks for the 4th update. I love Fisher sleeping!!