Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angel of the Morning

Besides going to gymnastics today, we've pretty much done nothing. Barrett has been so bored that he actually was playing with Fisher.

(I did video it to post on here, but my computer acts like the disk isn't even in the drive. Some disks work and some don't. It is making me crazy!)

Nana gave Fisher a bear for Easter. Barrett thinks it is wonderful. The bear sings a "lovely" little song.

I am the angel of the morning,
No need for feeling blue.

I am the angel of the morning,
I will make all your dreams come true.

I am the angel of the morning,
I'm watching over you.

If I hear this bear singing this song one more time, I am going to scream!

For some reason today, Barrett is completely attached to it.

He isn't carrying it around like most kids would with their stuffed animal.

He is concerned that the bear is not entertained.

He keeps positioning the bear where he can watch tv or watch Barrett play. Every time he moves the bear, he pushes the button that makes the bear sing.

Tonight, the bear is leaving to go on vacation for a while.


Jami said...

Once again, you have put a huge smile on my face when reading your blog. The pictures of Barrett with is bear are so adorable. I do not know if I like the one where the bear is sitting while Barrett dances/exercises, or the one where it looks like Barrett gave the bear the nice soft seat, while he took the hard one! Either way, those are definitely Kodak moments! OH, and bears do not vacation, and if by chance he "disappears", I will tell! :-)

karen said...

Oh, so cute! I especially love that last picture. Could the batteries "accidentally" go dead and you don't have any more? Or will he catch on to that?

Jodie said...

Oh! I love the picture of them watching the tv. That is just too cute.