Thursday, July 19, 2007


One of Barrett's newest things to say is, "remember".

I was driving the other day, and out of no where Barrett says, "Mommy, remember the fireworks. They go boom boom."

Since then, he keeps saying things he remembers. It is so funny.
As I was typing this, he came in to climb on the chair and play with the mouse. He said, "Mommy, remember me's type."

Yesterday, when he was playing with Fisher, he decided to show Fisher his elephant.

When you watch the video, after he tells Fisher what the elephant says, he asks him if he remembers seeing the elephant at the zoo.

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He amazes me that not only does he remember seeing an elephant at the zoo, he also remembers that Fisher was there too.

I love that you can just see how much Fisher loves his big brother. If only that mutual love would last...


Chas said...

He is precious!

Anonymous said...

I played it for Mary and she loved it. She wants to keep watching it!

Laura Neal said...

They are so cute how they interact with one another!

GiGi said...

Thanks for sharing the video and pictures. They are too cute. I'll bet they will spend lots of time playing together.