Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gran Gran's Party

On Sunday, we had Gran Gran's 80th birthday party at our house. The party was lots of fun for everyone, but I think Barrett had the most fun.

Barrett loved playing with his cousins, Will, LeeAnn, and Morgan. His best buddy, NeeNee also came to the party.

The kids played in the pool for a long time, and then it was time to come in and eat.Barrett thought it was so cool to sit at a little table with Morgan and Will to eat.

After we ate, the kids had a blast playing with everything in the house. The most entertainment ended up coming from Barrett's great-uncle Glen and great-uncle Mark.

Glen played bad bull with the kids, and they were laughing and screaming as he tried to buck them off. Barrett didn't really want to ride, but he had a ball taunting the bull. (Maybe he'll be a rodeo clown!)

After they wore out the bull, they decided to let Mark read a story to them. Mark ended up reading Barrett's current favorite, Everybody Poops, quite a few times. Here is a portion of his storytelling.

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Apparently, Mark missed his calling to be a pre-school teacher!

Barrett was so worn out when everyone left, he couldn't even walk without almost falling over.

Fisher had a great time too. He loved being held and hearing everyone talk about how cute he is. I think his favorite part of the party was being loved on by his cousins.

I think we need to have the cousins over again. Maybe next time we'll just leave Mark and Glen to babysit!


Amanda said...

The party was a blast! You guys should have the Schmidt parties more often!
Morgan had so much fun playing with all of Barrett's and Fisher's toys! Nice to know that I don't have to buy new ones we can just come play with yours!
Thanks again for hosting and tell Ray Jr. to keep jumping along!

Anonymous said...

WOW, Brig...Is Uncle Mark available for parties? Your videos are so cute. Hope everything is going well.