Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For some reason both of my boys have been obsessed with feet lately.

Whenever it is time for us to put on shoes to go somewhere, Barrett either wants to pick out which pair of shoes or he insists on, "bare feet, no shoes."

I don't mind him picking which pair of shoes to wear, but occasionally, he insists on the rubber boots that Doug's cousin passed on to us. That might not be too bad, but he can't really walk in them either.

The other night after his bath, he wanted to put shoes on. He ran to his room, barely gave me a chance to get a diaper on him, and he grabbed the boots.

It's a nice look, isn't it?

Fisher seems to love his own feet lately. He is always grabbing them and smiling.

Although he loves to pull on them, he likes chewing on them even better.

His feet must taste really good because he's not the only one that loves them.

Barrett is constantly grabbing Fisher's feet, saying, "kiss Isher's feet," and then kissing them over and over again.

I'm sure when they are teenagers, Fisher will love reminding his big brother how much he loved kissing his feet!


Chas said...

Ha! They even like each other's feet! How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they have spent way too much time around Digger and Brandy