Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Part 1

We've had lots of Christmas celebrations over the past week, and we still have one to go this weekend. I'll try and cover them all, but I'll start with the first one.

Last weekend, we drove to Dallas for our Christmas with my Aunt Jeanne and her family. Even though we have to drive four hours in the car with the boys, it is still probably my favorite part of Christmas.

Friday night, Aunt Jeanne let all the boys open one present.

They were laughing so hard at each other. It was too cute. Fisher didn't get a hat, but he had a good time trying to get to a present.

On Saturday morning, all the men went to play golf and the little boys stayed home with the girls. Jeanne was brave enough to make cupcakes with all the boys. Her former kindergarten teacher came out as she had them all helping make the batter.

After the baking fun, Aunt Jeanne sent Gretchen and I off for pedicures, and we gladly accepted the pampering! It was wonderful to totally relax in the middle of the chaos of Christmastime.

Once nap time was over for Barrett, the boys were ready to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, but some of the adults were otherwise occupied...

After waking up the adults, we sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles.

Fisher was the first to open a present, and as soon as he could see the toy through the torn paper, he said, "ewwww!"

Barrett loved his presents from Aunt Jeanne, but his Noah's Ark was by far the favorite. (I have to admit, I like it more than the instrument set too!) This picture isn't the best, but his expression is priceless.

He has played with his Noah's Ark nonstop. Unfortunately, he can't find Noah or one of the elephants which is causing him some major issues at times. We tried to put Joseph from the nativity in the boat, but he knew that wasn't right.

We had so much fun at Aunt Jeanne's, and Barrett complained about leaving for the first half hour as we drove home. Once we explained that we were headed to Gran Gran's for another round of presents, he recovered and settled in to watch Diego for the five hour drive!


Chas said...

I love the "naughty" pjs!

Is that the Little People Noah's Ark? If so, Lila got that for Christmas last year from her Uncle Brian (the pastor that always buys her at least one Biblically themed gift), and though it's not meant to be a bath toy...she's made it a bath toy. The ark lives in our tub.

Kris said...

Great pictures. Love the naughty pj's!!!