Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parrot Boy

The boys and Christmas have been keeping me so busy, that I just haven't had time to blog. There have been so many times I've had something blogworthy happen, but getting myself to sit and write just hasn't happened. As I looked at my list of things I must accomplish today, I decided to procrastinate by typing.

Fisher is growing like crazy. He is getting steadier on his feet everyday, and we've seen him standing without help more and more. He wants to walk so badly that it's probably not far away.

He has mastered climbing. If you don't pay attention, he'll be on the couch, coffee table, or toy box within seconds. His brother is even nice enough to help him climb up when he gets stuck.

He is still eating everything he can get his hands on, and his brother is more than happy to help him with that too. Yesterday, Barrett not only shared his lunch with him, but he also shared a couple of stickers, a leaf, and some paper. Our Christmas tree is becoming bare on the bottom due to Fisher's desire to eat all the ornaments. Most have been moved up on the tree, but all the legless gingerbread men have been laid to rest.

While his eating habits are the complete opposite of Barrett's, he does seem to have Barrett's love of talking. Fisher tries so hard to talk, and he will attempt to mimic anything you say to him. He's figured out a few words like Mama, Dada, no, uh-oh, hey (used as hi), moo, and baba, but his newest addition to his vocabulary he can thank Nana for.

Nana was holding him the other morning, and Paw was in the kitchen looking for something. Nana was a little irritated with Paw, so she said with a lot of attitude, "HELLOOOO!"

Not but a split second later, the parrot on her lap said, "hellooo." It was as clear as it could be.

I guess we need to watch what we say around him now too. :)

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