Friday, December 07, 2007

Santa Drives a Car?

Yesterday, Santa was at Barrett's school. It is so nice to get to see a great Santa who actually talks to the kids, get to take my own pictures, and pay absolutely nothing for it!

Barrett was so excited to get to school to see Santa that I had a hard time convincing him to let me get dressed.

Once we got to the school, he literally skipped all the way in.

Since we got there early, there was no line, and Barrett walked right up to Santa. He wasn't the least bit shy or nervous. He climbed on his lap and told him all about the bike at Walmart that he wants.

I wish the photo taking part went a little better, but he was WAY to into Santa to stop to look at me.

I tried to get a couple of both boys, but that didn't go to well.

Fisher did really well once Barrett was off Santa's lap, but Barrett was upset that Fisher couldn't tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

I told Barrett to tell Santa what Fisher wanted, and can you believe that Fisher wants a bike from Walmart too?

After pictures, Fisher and I ran errands all day, and then headed back to pick up Barrett.

Barrett's teachers informed me that while Barrett's class was on the playground, Santa was leaving the church. They all went running to the fence to see him, and to their horror, Santa got into a car.

They all waved as he drove away, but there was mumbling that Santa was supposed to have a sleigh with reindeer.

While his teachers were about to come up with a story, Barrett turned to his little group and said that he's probably just going to feed the reindeer. Apparently, they all bought Barrett's story because they all went back to playing. :)


Laura Neal said...

I can see him explaining that one away. I know he would have been so serious. I bet that would have been priceless to see.

GiGI said...

I haven't kept up on your blog, mainly from being out of town and far behind on everything, so today I had a thrill. I loved seeing the pictures of the tree trimming and Santa pictures. I am so glad you and Doug had so much fun with the boys. I cannot wait to see the boys in person!

Chas said...

Haha, Barrett is one smart cookie figuring out that Santa was just going to feed the reindeer, lol.