Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July

Fourth of July started out as a really boring day. I got a few things done for work, and then we all went to Walmart. Luckily, the neighbors were having a family party and invited us to join them.

The boys both had a lot of fun, but their favorites of the day could not have been more different.

Doug was trying to eat some ribs while Fisher begged him for food. Doug kept trying to give him beans, but that's not what he wanted.

Let's just say that if we took Fisher to an all-you-can-eat rib dinner, we would definitely get our money's worth. I honestly have no idea how much he ate, but he ate rib after rib for a LONG time.

When he was finally finished eating, he was happy to show off his BBQ face.

After dinner and playing, it was time for the fireworks. Barrett was just a little excited as you can tell in the picture.

(Honestly, I don't know why he was so excited because he didn't have a clue what fireworks were.)

The first things we did since it wasn't quite dark yet were the smoke bombs.

Fisher was really curious about them, but it had nothing to do with the smoke. He just wanted to play with the "ball".

Once they were lit, Fisher thought it was really funny, but he was still mad that he couldn't hold it.

Barrett just liked running in the smoke.

Once it got a little darker, some of the adults started setting off big fireworks.

Barrett was in awe.

Barrett and Sydney had fun sitting together on the curb watching the fireworks.

But it didn't take long for them to want to do their own again.

After about an hour and half, all the kids had gotten tired of the noise. Doug took Fisher in and put him to bed because he was not happy, and after trying cotton balls in Barrett and Sydney's ears, Doug solved the noise problem for them.

After another hour, Barrett was DONE, but he wouldn't admit it. He kept insisting he wanted to keep watching.

A few moments after that picture was taken, the melt down began. Within 15 minutes, he was inside, changed, and tucked in bed.

As I was leaving, he said, "Mommy, I love you this much. I had so much fun today. Can you tell the fireworks to be quiet?"

"Oh, I wish I could..."


Laura Neal said...

You have me to blame for some of that noise. We had a huge thing of aerials but, I was bound and determined to celebrate big this year. We cleaned up and were done by 10:30. After that, we were both so tired, we crawled into bed and we didn't hear a thing after that.

Nicole Friedel said...

Brigitte, The boys are tooooooo cute!! and it sounds like they really enjoyed July 4th. :) I love the picture on the previous post of them sitting together in their underwear! It certainly looks like they get along well. Take care! Nicole

Sugar&Ice said...

That sounds like an ideal 4th to me! It's so funny that Fisher loves ribs so much. I cannot stand to get my hands dirty, so that is probably one of my least favorite foods simply for that reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brigitte,
I love your writing and the boys are SOO CUTE! The one with the boys in the dog cage was priceless. I should have tried that when you and Gretchen were little. Oh, never mind, I think I did.
Uncle Pat