Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun?

Summer is more than half way over, and I really can't say we have done a whole lot.

My new "part time" job is pretty much keeping me busy on a more full time basis, but I am loving it. I especially love that I am with the preschoolers on the weekend, but I help with the various other children's stuff during the week. How many people can say that they are paid to do things like this...

Yep, I had 80 elementary age kids digging through giant bowls of ABC spaghetti-O's to write words. I know most people wouldn't see that as a good job, but it totally fits me.

The boys have been having a blast at their summer mother's day out, and while I am excited to start back at our church in September, I will miss all their great teachers they have right now.

Fisher continues to be a wild man. He pretty much has two modes: full speed or asleep.

The other day, Barrett begged me to buy a cupcake at the grocery store. He picked pink for himself and blue for Fisher. After Barrett ate a little of his icing, he was ready to give it to Fisher. The wild man didn't disappoint his brother, and Barrett was the one who told me that I had to get the camera.

Fisher is talking more and more. Unfortunately, he speaks a language that we don't know. Barrett claims to understand, but when the translation ends up being that Fisher wants Barrett to have skittles, I am pretty sure Barrett doesn't understand him either.

Barrett has grown up so much this summer. He is quite the little man, and if he would quit throwing fits throughout the day, he'd be really fun to be around all the time.

He is really into organizing things now, and I love it. He has "homes" for all his toys, and if something is in the wrong place, he is quick to correct it. I know it sounds like a wonderful thing, but he has had more than a few meltdowns when Fisher has decided to help pick up.

Barrett is also very excited about our upcoming "Bay-K-shun". We are headed to Florida in a couple weeks for Papa and Mary's wedding. I've tried to explain that to him, but he is focused on the beach, the pools, and his cousins. Although, he was super excited about the attire that Mary requested he wear. Here he is modeling the two options he has.

Notice the surfer hands that Katie, his babysitter/ swim teacher taught him. He thinks that it is really cool to do.

Other than that, Barrett is still singing "Hey, Good Looking" to most girls he sees, and he has become the ring tone on quite a few cell phones at church. :)

I wish I had more time to write, but I need to send out more recruiting emails. If you are wanting more updates and you go to my church, sign up to teach preschool Sunday school, and I'll have a lot more free time!


Kris said...

I am glad to know Caden isn't the only one who has a differnet language! Maybe they talk to eachother at church and actually understand eachother.

I love you for letting your kids smear cupcakes everywhere. I would literally be at the ER for steroid injections for the hives I would bust out in. I hate being "anal me".

You gotta love a kid who has homes for his toys. That is my kinda kid!

You are doing AMAZING things at church. We are so blessed to have you in this position!!

BTW...after FB we will step up and help out:)

Anonymous said...

MAN! He looks sooo much like Doug. I like the blue one, by the way.

Cindy said...

oops. that was me.

Misti's World said...

I love you guys!!!!!
Aunt Misti:)

Sugar and Ice said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying your job! What a blessing...not many people can say that.

Barrett is too cute w/ his surfer hands, lol. Have a great vacay!!