Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eye Wear

The boys seem to be obsessed lately with glasses.

Fisher has broken TWO pairs of my glasses. He broke my good ones, and then while I was wearing my old ones as the others were being fixed, he broke those too.

A friend of mine told me to not put them where he could reach them. Unfortunately, they were on my face both times he got them. I have yet to find a way to keep him completely away from my face. Now, I just wear contacts from before he gets up until after he goes asleep. So far, my glasses have survived.

Barrett always "needs" his sunglasses in the car, and he freaks out if he can't find them. Typically, he doesn't need them for more than a few minutes. He now thinks his glasses need to be in the holder that is in the car where I used to put my sunglasses...

When I was on a weekend get-away a few weeks ago with the high school girls, I found some really cute, cheap kids sunglasses that were supposed to be for Barrett.

Fisher claimed them before Barrett had a chance.

He loved their special feature.

Two minutes after these pictures were taken, the glasses were broken.

This past weekend, I went on the leadership retreat for my MOPS group. It was wonderful, relaxing, and productive which I was not expecting! (Hoping for, yes, but not expecting.)

When I came home, I was exhausted from all the fun, but Barrett was worried about me getting him some "gaggles". He talked about them for a good 30 minutes. I told him we would discuss it in the morning.
Tuesday morning, I was given the full report.
Apparently, Barrett HAS to have goggles for our trip to Florida. Barrett's explanation went like this:
"Daddy said I need gaggles. I need gaggles to swim in the pool and the ocean. Daddy took me to Target, but they didn't have any that fit me. After Target, we ran (ran??) to HEB. HEB had gaggles, but they didn't fit either. Daddy kept trying them on me, but they hurt my nose. Then Daddy took me to Walmart, but they didn't have any gaggles at all. Now Daddy says you have to buy me gaggles that don't cover my nose for our bay-k-shen."
Daddy's version of the story:
"Barrett was swimming in the backyard, and Sydney came over with her goggles. She told Barrett he needs a pair. I told him to ask you."
I didn't really think Doug went power shopping for goggles.
Barrett has got quite the imagination!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun?

Summer is more than half way over, and I really can't say we have done a whole lot.

My new "part time" job is pretty much keeping me busy on a more full time basis, but I am loving it. I especially love that I am with the preschoolers on the weekend, but I help with the various other children's stuff during the week. How many people can say that they are paid to do things like this...

Yep, I had 80 elementary age kids digging through giant bowls of ABC spaghetti-O's to write words. I know most people wouldn't see that as a good job, but it totally fits me.

The boys have been having a blast at their summer mother's day out, and while I am excited to start back at our church in September, I will miss all their great teachers they have right now.

Fisher continues to be a wild man. He pretty much has two modes: full speed or asleep.

The other day, Barrett begged me to buy a cupcake at the grocery store. He picked pink for himself and blue for Fisher. After Barrett ate a little of his icing, he was ready to give it to Fisher. The wild man didn't disappoint his brother, and Barrett was the one who told me that I had to get the camera.

Fisher is talking more and more. Unfortunately, he speaks a language that we don't know. Barrett claims to understand, but when the translation ends up being that Fisher wants Barrett to have skittles, I am pretty sure Barrett doesn't understand him either.

Barrett has grown up so much this summer. He is quite the little man, and if he would quit throwing fits throughout the day, he'd be really fun to be around all the time.

He is really into organizing things now, and I love it. He has "homes" for all his toys, and if something is in the wrong place, he is quick to correct it. I know it sounds like a wonderful thing, but he has had more than a few meltdowns when Fisher has decided to help pick up.

Barrett is also very excited about our upcoming "Bay-K-shun". We are headed to Florida in a couple weeks for Papa and Mary's wedding. I've tried to explain that to him, but he is focused on the beach, the pools, and his cousins. Although, he was super excited about the attire that Mary requested he wear. Here he is modeling the two options he has.

Notice the surfer hands that Katie, his babysitter/ swim teacher taught him. He thinks that it is really cool to do.

Other than that, Barrett is still singing "Hey, Good Looking" to most girls he sees, and he has become the ring tone on quite a few cell phones at church. :)

I wish I had more time to write, but I need to send out more recruiting emails. If you are wanting more updates and you go to my church, sign up to teach preschool Sunday school, and I'll have a lot more free time!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Back, Kind of

I apologize for the lack of posts, but shortly after my last post, my computer died.

I now have a new computer, but I am too tired to write.

I promise there are stories to be written. They just won't be written today and probably not tomorrow...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July

Fourth of July started out as a really boring day. I got a few things done for work, and then we all went to Walmart. Luckily, the neighbors were having a family party and invited us to join them.

The boys both had a lot of fun, but their favorites of the day could not have been more different.

Doug was trying to eat some ribs while Fisher begged him for food. Doug kept trying to give him beans, but that's not what he wanted.

Let's just say that if we took Fisher to an all-you-can-eat rib dinner, we would definitely get our money's worth. I honestly have no idea how much he ate, but he ate rib after rib for a LONG time.

When he was finally finished eating, he was happy to show off his BBQ face.

After dinner and playing, it was time for the fireworks. Barrett was just a little excited as you can tell in the picture.

(Honestly, I don't know why he was so excited because he didn't have a clue what fireworks were.)

The first things we did since it wasn't quite dark yet were the smoke bombs.

Fisher was really curious about them, but it had nothing to do with the smoke. He just wanted to play with the "ball".

Once they were lit, Fisher thought it was really funny, but he was still mad that he couldn't hold it.

Barrett just liked running in the smoke.

Once it got a little darker, some of the adults started setting off big fireworks.

Barrett was in awe.

Barrett and Sydney had fun sitting together on the curb watching the fireworks.

But it didn't take long for them to want to do their own again.

After about an hour and half, all the kids had gotten tired of the noise. Doug took Fisher in and put him to bed because he was not happy, and after trying cotton balls in Barrett and Sydney's ears, Doug solved the noise problem for them.

After another hour, Barrett was DONE, but he wouldn't admit it. He kept insisting he wanted to keep watching.

A few moments after that picture was taken, the melt down began. Within 15 minutes, he was inside, changed, and tucked in bed.

As I was leaving, he said, "Mommy, I love you this much. I had so much fun today. Can you tell the fireworks to be quiet?"

"Oh, I wish I could..."

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Forget Golden, Silence is Scary

Most of my days are filled reminding my boys to be nice to each other, so you can imagine my concern the other morning when neither boy was making a sound.

I thought Barrett was in the playroom and Fisher was watching Baby Einstein, but Barrett had apparently decided Fisher's show was better than his cows.

If only they could get along this well all the time!