Monday, November 19, 2007


I don't know why I haven't blogged lately. I just haven't been able to sit at the computer for any length of time to type anything. So, sorry if you've been checking the blog only to be disappointed.

So, as I sit here holding Fisher who is less than happy, I'll try to give you a brief update.

- Fisher now has 7 teeth. He has the two top and bottom middle ones like a normal kid, but the other three are all on the left side, two on the top and one on the bottom. Hopefully, the right ones will appear, but right now we're enjoying his crooked smile.

- Fisher is apparently left handed. He favors his left hand when grabbing, pinching, and feeding himself. Since I am left handed in everything except writing, I think it's neat. Doug claims it's hard to teach a lefty to shoot. I would be fine if Fisher never shot a gun.

- Fisher's doctor is a little concerned about his left eye. It seems to be a little lazy. She said we'll look at it at his one year visit and decide if he needs to see an eye doctor.

- What is up with his left side?????

- Barrett talks ALL the time. I couldn't even begin to list his vocabulary. See Webster's dictionary if you're interested.

- Barrett has always been a ladies man, but he has taken it to a whole new level. On the playground at church there is a plastic tree thing the kids play in. Barrett's teachers for Mother's Day Out, MOPS, and the church nursery have all noticed that he likes to be in there with the girls. He has been seen on many occasions kissing them in there. They are about to redo the playground and the teachers are all joking about what Barrett will do when the kissing tree disappears.

- Barrett has two little girls he loves playing with more than any others in class, Abby and Chloe. I hear about them all the time. While he does kiss them daily, his new interest is Elizabeth. She's the cutest little thing, but there is a problem. She is one of our pastor's daughters, and Mike is feeling a little threatened by Barrett. Barrett told Mike that he loves Elizabeth, and Mike warned him that he was watching him. Barrett of course was oblivious to the threats and ran in class to hug Elizabeth.

- Fisher is all over the place. He can crawl at an amazing speed. Barrett at times loves his brother's ability to move and at other times, he hates it.

I realize that was as run through random things, but that's all I have in me right now.

Ugh, Barrett just woke up and wanting out of his room, so I am off to watch Barney, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Clifford, or Tom and Jerry!

Have a great day!

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Chas said...

If Fisher has a lazy eye, I'm sure they can fix it somehow. My aunt used to have one and all she had to do was wear glasses a few years.