Friday, November 23, 2007

My Favorite Jammies

When Barrett was about 7 months old, I bought him the pajamas that have been my favorite, and since my kid doesn't grow fast at all, he was able to wear them up until a few months ago.

I was so sad when it was time to put them away (even though he wore them for 17+ months) not just because he would never wear them again, but because they were too stained and worn for Fisher to get them as a "hand me down".

Now, for a complete change of subject that will make sense in a minute.

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I wanted to list ten things I am thankful for:

1. God

2. My family- ALL of them, even the ones I want to disown at times

3. Having a group of friends that are amazing Christian women to go through motherhood with

4. Being born and raised America

5. Being lucky enough to be a stay at home mom

6. My friend Dawn - not just because she was able to bring her baby, Ben, home from the hospital this week, but because she is THE most inspirational Christian woman I have ever met. (Read her blog from the past two months if you need a little inspiration!)

7. Target's dollar bins

8. Tylenol & antibiotics for kids- I don't know what people did to get through ear infections in the olden days! :)

9. Cold fronts

10. Outlet stores

#10 on my list is where this whole blog ties together.

If it wasn't for the Gap outlet, I would never have been able to have these picture of my favorite jammies:

I literally danced in the store when I found them!


Chas said...

How cute are they!?! I can't believe you can get him to keep his socks on with those kind of jammies. Lila has to have the built in feet type or else she goes barefoot.

Jami said...

I think you and your friend Dawn might not only be inspired, but might could find a wonderful friend at this blog:

they are friends of mine and they too gave birth to a premie, well, actually twins!

Check it out if you have time

tiffany said...

I LOVE those pajamas!
By the way, I read your blog every week and love it. A few of my other friends blog and it's a great way to keep up to date. Next time I'm driving through Houston I want to stop in and say hi. I feel like I already know the boys!
Tiffany Mann

Annoymouse said...

Now if you could only find some like that for you and Doug, then that would make for some great pics on CHRISTmas morning.

karen said...

OK, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Seriously. You couldn't dream up a cuter picture!