Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Story of Jesus

I've mentioned before how much Barrett enjoys talking to Jesus, and now it's gone to a whole new level.

He now recognizes Jesus every time he sees him somewhere. Basically, any white man with a brown beard is Jesus. He loves pointing him out to everyone around.

The other night we were at a visitation service at a funeral home, and as the son-in-law was tearfully talking about his father-in-law, Barrett jumped up, pointed at the stained glass, and said, "Look Mommy, it's Jesus!" Luckily, he didn't yell and only the people right around us heard him. After that, we went outside to walk around for awhile.

After the service had ended, we went back in and Barrett wanted to look at Jesus. He asked a million questions about his appearance and insisted on giving him five because Jesus wanted him to. (Jesus' hands were spread open, so in Barrett's defense, it did look like he was waiting for a five.)

Since he has this obsession with Jesus (I hope he always does!), he is very interested in the Christmas story this year.

My Aunt Jeanne sent him two books about Christmas, and he was so excited.

After reading the books a few hundred times, I brought out the Little People nativity and we set it up together.

He loved setting up the scene and listening to me explain the story.

He also thought it was so neat that his books had all the same characters as the nativity set.

He's been playing with all of it constantly, and Fisher has even chewed on Joseph when he can get him.

Last night, NeeNee the neighbor was over, and something happened that just melted my heart.

As I watched, Barrett told her the story of Jesus' birth. After he was finished explaining who all the people were and why they were there, he told her, "that baby growed up to be a big boy that loves me."

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