Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

Both boys seemed to really enjoy Halloween last night.

Nana came over early to help convince Barrett that he needed to eat dinner. After he ate one nugget, she gave him his Halloween present. He has been begging me for this ball at Kroger for about a month, so without even knowing it, Nana made him REALLY happy.

Barrett was really excited to put on his costume. He was roaring the whole time.

Fisher was a little less than thrilled with the costume, but he was a trooper. I don't think he really wanted to sit still for pictures. I think he just couldn't move. :)

Both boys seemed more excited about how silly the other one looked. They kept looking at each other and smiling.

After we took a few pictures, Barrett was ready to get candy. The kids on the street were all waiting until later to go as a group, so we let Barrett go to one house. My neighbor, Laura, dressed up as the witch from Wizard of Oz and was sitting in her driveway with a cauldron of candy. Barrett wasn't too sure about her, but once she handed him candy, the witch wasn't so scary anymore.

We only went to a few houses when Barrett said he was ready to go to his house. He was ready to get out of his costume because he was hot, but he was also ready to eat some candy. So, we took a couple more pictures at the spider in the front yard, and then we headed in.

Barrett and Nana sat on the floor looking through his candy. Barrett would get her to open a piece for him, and as he ate that piece, he was looking for what he would eat next. I'm not sure how much he ate, but I know he was loving his Nana!

Barrett also loved seeing the big kids come to the door for candy, and he at first thought he was going to give them his candy. I was surprised that he was ok with that, but he did seem pretty happy that I had different candy for them.

I'm pretty sure Barrett loved Halloween, but I know he over candied himself. He had opened a lollipop when Doug said it was bath time. Barrett ran to the trash can, dropped the sucker in, and ran past me while saying, "Yea, I take a bath, I throwed my candy in the trash." Normally, he would NEVER throw away a sucker.

As we were sitting on the couch last night right before bedtime, Barrett was telling Doug and I all about Halloween. He told us how he wore a lion costume and Fisher was a duck. He talked about the other kids and getting candy from the witch. He got all excited telling about the big kids at the door. He also added in how he shot two coyotes in the living room? (He's had quite the imagination lately.)

He went to bed last night with a huge smile on his face. So, I know some people think Halloween is bad and evil, but they obviously haven't seen it from my little angel's perspective.


Laura Neal said...

Your boys are both so adorable. I was able to get all the green off of my face and since we didn't have many trick or treaters, I went to my sister's house and the cauldron was empty in 45 minutes.
Halloween isn't bad, it is what you put into it that makes it or breaks it. People need to realize that. I will always celebrate it, you can count on it!

Chas said...

So cute!

GiGi said...

The Halloween pictures of the boys made me laugh out loud. I love the duck and lion costume. Great pitures. I sure envy Nana. That is the way Halloween is supposed to be!!

karen said...

Oh, you need to enlarge & frame that picture of them together in their costumes. SO CUTE!