Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Barrett has been ready to carve the pumpkin ever since he and Daddy picked it out at the pumpkin patch.

Barrett was so excited when I told him it was time yesterday afternoon.

He was sitting next to the pumpkin as I carved the hole in the top, and he couldn't contain himself. He sat there with his "green shovel" in his hand ready to clean it out.

Then, he saw the inside.

That is as close to the pumpkin as his green shovel got. Barrett wanted no part of the big mess that was in the pumpkin, but he liked watching me clean it out. (Just like every other mess!)

After I finished carving the pumpkin, Barrett just sat next to him and clapped.

He was so happy to have his own "pumpkin face" as he called it.

He is going to have so much fun tonight trick or treating!


Chas said...

Awww..he didn't want to get dirty :). Lila was the opposite...I'd scoop it out and she'd pick it out of the bowl and put it back into the pumpkin.

GiGI said...

What a great face on the pumpkin!
Good job. No wonder Barrett clapped.