Monday, October 22, 2007

The Beach

Barrett has been looking forward to going to the beach and playing in the water for a long time. Yesterday, he finally got to go.

My family was getting together at a beach house, so after church, we headed to Surfside.

Barrett was so excited when we got there. He was ready to go straight to the beach, but we convinced him we had to go into the house and say hi to all the cousins.

The weather couldn't have been better, and Barrett's expression as he saw the waves and the sand was priceless.

He ran straight to the water, but then he wasn't too sure.

After he adjusted to the way the water and sand felt, he was ready for Daddy to take him in the water.

While Daddy and Barrett were WAY out in the water jumping waves, I let Fisher put his feet in the sand and water. He really did not like it. He held his feet out of it as much as he could.

When Daddy and Barrett were coming back in from the water, Barrett was so excited to tell me all about the big waves. I don't think I have ever seen him run that fast.

Cousin Austin decided that it was time to dig in the sand, so he borrowed a shovel from a man nearby on the beach.

I went to Doug's truck and got his big shovel, and everyone enjoyed watching Doug and Austin dig big holes to bury the big kids in.

Even Barrett who doesn't like to get dirty wanted to help bury people.

Overall, Barrett's first experience at the beach when he could actually play was a HUGE success.
As we drove home, Doug was trying to figure out when we are going to rent a beach house for a week next summer. I think Daddy had as much fun as Barrett did.


Laura Neal said...

Those are really cute pictures of him. He looks so much like his daddy. :)

GiGi said...

The beach pictures were great! Nice that you had good weather for a change. Barrett's expressions on the sand are priceless.