Monday, October 08, 2007

Time Out

Lately, Barrett has spent a lot of time in time out.

He loves to play with his brother, but he also loves to push his brother over.

This morning, I was switching a load of laundry when I heard Fisher start to cry. When I ran into the living room, Fisher was on his back in the middle of the room crying, and Barrett was already in the corner.

(Is it wrong that I think he looks so cute standing in the corner?)

When I asked Barrett why he was in time out, he said, "Fisher is crying."

I asked him if he pushed his brother, and he said, "No, Fisher fell over."

I had to explain to him that he only had to go to time out when he hurt his brother not when his brother hurt himself.

Later on, Fisher fell over trying to stand up on the couch, and Barrett said, "I don't go to time out. Fisher fell all by himself."

How long do you think it will take Barrett to figure out that he could claim he didn't do it when he actually did?



Jami said...

If I hadn't had surgery, I would have wet myself laughing at this one. I think he might be the cutest little boy I have ever seen standing in a corner. I wonder, am I a sick person to laugh a a two year olds misfortune?

ray schmidt said...

That's really funny. Fisher better hurry up and learn how to talk or I have a feeling Barrett is going to get away with a lot...

Laura Neal said...

That is funny! Most kids would be balking to go to the corner. He is cute standing there all alone. Poor buddy!

Anonymous said...

Probably about as long as it takes Fisher to figure out that he can blame Barrett for things that Fisher did!! ;)