Monday, February 18, 2008

Fisher's Party

Fisher's birthday party was so much fun even though the weather did not cooperate at all!

We were lucky that lots of friends and family braved the potential tornados and came to the party.

All the kids had fun, and even though we did not have any organized games, the kids seemed to love making laps around Nana's house.

Their running game became really fun when they decided to add bunches of balloons the their laps. I have never seen balloons be so much entertainment!

Even though Morgan and Barrett seemed to have the most fun with the balloons, Fisher liked them a lot too.

After we had all eaten way too many of Doug's yummy fajitas, it was time for Fisher to have his cake.

My friend, Michelle, made his cakes, and she did an amazing job for my little monkey man!

His personal little cake was the cutest banana!

I would post the pictures of him covered in the cake he smashed everywhere, but it didn't happen like that.

He was just like Barrett. He looked at the cake and waited for us to help him eat it. Once we gave him a fork, he ate the cake and loved it, but there was no mess at all.
He really just liked everyone staring at him. He just kept looking at everyone and grinning. I guess being the second child he never really is the center of everyone's attention.

Although, after the party was over, I put him back in the high chair and let him eat his cake. That round was a whole different story.

Fisher loved all of his presents, but he definitely had a couple favorites.

He loved his chair just like his brother's that Kristin gave him. He was trying to sit in it before I could even get it unwrapped all the way.

He also liked playing with the monkey rolling backpack that his cousin's Will and LeeAnn gave him. He thinks pushing the handle up and down is so funny.

There was a clear favorite toy. His cousin Austin picked it out just for Fisher.

He has been playing on his firetruck every moment that his brother isn't taking it from him. Mater, Barrett's favorite toy from his first birthday, has somehow become a favorite again now that Fisher has a toy like it.

Overall, Fisher's party was perfect. Little Monkey even slept all night that night!


Chas said...

Looks like fun!

Kris said...

What fun and I LOVED the cake WOW!!!