Thursday, February 28, 2008

Killing Time

Doug has been working late every night the past two weeks, and every night, I get more and more desperate for ways to entertain the boys.

Barrett has been really difficult without his Daddy time in the evenings, and one of the things he has been missing is playing in the tub with his dad.

I convinced him I could be more fun than Daddy, so we added bubble bath to the tub and turned the jets on.

Barrett was laughing and screaming so loud. He was having a ball playing in the millions of bubbles.

When I got out of the tub, he kept turning the jets back on which made more and more bubbles. At one point, he started to panic because they were getting over his head- when he was standing up!

I had to scoop bubbles out and put them in the shower. Once we got them to a manageable amount again, he was happy.

When I was putting him to bed, he asked me if Daddy was still at work. When I told him, "yes," he said, "can you show him my bubbles when he comes home?"

I guess I didn't distract him as well as I thought.


Chas said...'s a little sad that he misses his dad, but it's SO cute!

Eva said...

It's no fun doing bedtime all by yourself! And everybody needs some time with their Daddy. My husband's working and studying a lot lately, too and it can get difficult.

Kris said...

You have to frame those pic's and hang them in the bathroom TO CUTE!!!!!