Thursday, February 21, 2008

No One to Blame

I hate when things happen, and I have no one to blame but me.

Barrett wanted to color today. He insisted that he used markers.

I have no fight left in me because Doug has been working until at least 8 every night this week.

I let him color with markers.

I didn't force him to sit in the high chair. (Refer to reason above.)

While he was coloring on a tv tray in front of the tv, I noticed that Fisher stunk.

I went to Fisher's room to change his diaper and paused while I considered taking the markers.

It was then I made the fatal mistake.

I didn't get the markers from him. I thought I'd be quick.

Fisher's diaper wasn't the problem. It was the poop all over his pants and shirt.

As I was cleaning the HUGE mess, Barrett came in with marker all over his legs.

I reminded them that we only color on paper, and his response was, "oops," as he ran out of the room.

Honestly, I was elbow deep in poo so I didn't really worry about his blue legs.

After Fisher and I were clean, I came into the living room, but I couldn't find Barrett.

I saw the paper and markers sitting on the tray.

I called to him, but he said he was in time out.

When I asked why, he just said, "I'm sorry. I will only color on paper."

It was then that I noticed the couch with it's blue squiggles ALL over the cushion.

I couldn't even get mad. I had to fight letting him see me laugh. After all, I really could only blame myself.


Chas said...

I hope they were washable markers :).

Jami said...

I would like a photo please. I can refer to the one posted earlier, with Barrett in time out (where he places HIMSELF). I would like photos of the cushion. To complete the picture I have in my mind. I would like you to know that I think Barrett is adorable. And you are a good mom, because good mom's laugh when there is nothing else that can be done!

Kris said...

I HATE lessons like these!

Eva said...

Oh, man, classic. Amazing you saw the humor of it at the time. :)

FosterMom said...

Our oldest did something similar to that - orange sharpie marker up and down the hallway walls. Why do they always pick diaper changing time to create the biggest messes?!?

Laura Neal said...

buy that bottle of incredible and that should take out the marker. As my sister has always said, those crayola markers aren't washable, no matter what they say.