Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bunny Lovin'

Yesterday, Barrett and I were at the mall, and I decided to see how he would react to the Easter bunny.

He handled Santa pretty well, but from what everyone says the older a kid gets the more he fears these kind of things. I walked to the Easter bunny arena with the idea of seeing how it went, but since I already had Easter pictures taken, I wasn't too concerned about it.

As we walked up, I was thrilled to see that NO ONE was there, just the bunny and photo lady. (I was there pretty early!) As I was getting Barrett out of the stroller and the photo lady was telling me how beautiful he is, the bunny got of his throne and walked towards us.

Barrett looked at the giant bunny and smiled. As soon as the bunny got close, Barrett flung himself towards it. Luckily, the bunny grabbed him. Barrett just smiled, giggled, and stared. He then started jumping up and down in the bunny's arms. I assumed this meant he wasn't afraid, so we decided to take the picture.

When the bunny sat down with Barrett, we realized there was going to be a major issue. Barrett would not look at anything but the bunny. He was hugging the bunny's arm, petting it, laughing at it, and screaming with delight, but he was not going to look at the camera.

After the bunny stood up multiple times, played with him more, and jumped around with Barrett squealing with glee, the Easter bunny sat back down to try again.

The camera lady and I did everything we could to get his attention. Finally, there were other people waiting, so with all of us calling him, Barrett finally looked our way.

After getting the shot, I walked over to get Barrett. He was clinging to the rabbit, and I literally had to rip him away screaming and crying.

As I was waiting to pay for the very overpriced pictures, the bunny finished with the other children. So, while Barrett wiggled for me to let him go, the bunny came and got him again. I paid and Barrett was again happy as could be with his giant stuffed animal.

I again ripped Barrett away from his friend and went on with our shopping.

When it was time to leave the mall, we had to walk right by the bunny. As we walked by, I stopped to let Barrett see it again. Even though the bunny had a line waiting to see him, he got up and came over to Barrett. Barrett of course leaned to him, so the bunny again took Barrett. Barrett hugged on him and hopped around for a minute before being returned to me.

To say Barrett had a great experience is an understatement. I don't know who was inside that costume, but it was wonderful to see someone truly enjoying their job. I hope all of you with children can find an equally wonderful bunny this Easter!

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