Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where's the Fire?

Today we went to Cousin Austin's 3rd birthday party. When we first arrived, Austin came running to his "Cusin Bear-wit". Austin just adores Barrett, and I really think he is one of Barrett's favorites too!

It was lots of fun! We played, ate cake, destroyed a firetruck pinata, and watched Austin open presents, but the big moment was when a real firetruck pulled up to surprise Austin! At first he was so shocked he didn't even look excited, but he got over that pretty quick.

I honestly think that the adults were more excited to climb on it and play than the kids were.

(that is my brother-in-law)

Barrett had no idea that it was anything special, but he liked when Austin honked the horn!

Tyler had fun making silly faces while he was playing with the uniforms!

Unfortunately for Tyler, Uncle Dougie found a rope later in the party. Some of the adults joked about knowing it's a Texas party when you start roping kids for entertainment.

Austin and Tyler's other uncle, Rick, found a rope too. His was attached to a kite though. I don't think that Tyler had to worry about being tied up with this one considering Rick found it on the roof!

Barrett must of had a good time because he slept the whole way home which should have messed up bed time, but he still went to bed with no problem!

His perfect behavior might catch up with us tomorrow, but it was fun today!

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