Friday, April 28, 2006

No Nap?

Barrett has discovered something that he thinks is great, and that I was hoping was not going to happen for quite a while.

I put him down for his nap today, and as usual, he was complaining loudly about being put in his bed. Then I heard him laughing and talking to himself. I assumed he had gotten to the mobile again, but when I walked in, I was horrified!

Of course, I ran to get the camera before he saw me. Doesn't he looked totally guilty in this picture? I'm sure it was me mumbling, "No, please, no," that made him think he had done something wrong. I really am not ready for him to pull up on everything, and I am especially not ready for him to pull up in bed. Luckily, he's only on his knees, but I know it is just a matter of time.

So, I guess I will lower the crib to it's lowest setting because that's the stage we're at. I just don't want him to be big enough to need a "big boy" crib. I can't imagine the trauma I'll feel when he graduates to a real bed!

On another note, when I picked out his nursery furniture that was WAY more than Daddy intended on paying, the sales lady went through her reasons why this set was the best. One of the reasons was the durable plastic in the edge of the crib that supposedly isn't really hard plastic. (She put it much more eloquently than that!) Now, I get why that is important:

It was hard to get frustrated with his newest trick because he was so proud of himself.

I think he was even prouder that it got him out of his nap. The millions of flashes pretty much blew any chance of him sleeping. It's ok though, Daddy is going to have him this evening when the missed nap will really matter! ;)

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Queenbee said...

How could you ever be upset with that precious face? He's just too cute! :)