Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Can't Think of a Title Today

Ok, I just typed a long blog that disappeared. I don't have the time, and I am not in the mood to retype it. I'll summarize what I said:

1. I'm sick with a head cold and at least one ear infection.

2. Barrett and I are flying to Colorado tomorrow.

3. That will suck for me and my ear.

4. I originally only bought one plane ticket, but I wised up and bought Barrett his own seat earlier this week.

5. I hate the terrorists. If they would have left us alone, Doug could walk me and all the junk I have to fly with to the gate (stroller, car seat, car seat base, overloaded diaper bag, camera, camcorder, Barrett, and whatever else I think of in the next few hours). BUT, instead, he can't. I'm stuck trying to to figure it out because some foreigners hate the US.

6. I will hopefully blog while I am in Colorado, but if not, I'm sure I'll have some great stories when we return on the 28th.

Ahhh, that's the basics of what I had written.

Happy Father's Day!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh, yeah the take-off and landings won't be so much fun for you. You can take decongestants for may be better than puking the whole way there--not sure. :)

You can ride on one of those carts that try to run over everyone...that's a solution to your problem of only having 2 arms! You'll figure it out and have some great memories. Have a wonderful trip!