Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Trip to Colorado: Book 1

Monday: The Day of Rain

When we woke up Monday morning packed and ready to go, we learned that leaving Houston might be difficult.

Apparently, Houston was flooding. Luckily, our flight wasn't until after lunchtime, so hopefully the water would subside by then. Hobby airport had suspended all flights which I am sure sucked for all those people, but we were leaving from Intercontinental. Amazingly, Intercontinental got no rain at all, and the flights were all on schedule.

When we got to the airport, check in was surprisingly smooth, and Barrett and I, along with the stroller, car seat, car seat base, and two carry ons, headed to security. We only had to wait in a short line when a man said, "Hey, lady with the baby, come over here." He took us in our own private line which turned out to be for everyone else because we had to put EVERYTHING through the scanner thing. So, I had a lot of disassembling to do. Although, he was nice enough to help me restack all our stuff after we were cleared.

All of that stuff went way too fast because Barrett and I ended up at the gate with almost an hour and a half to spare. We walked everywhere we could with our mound of crap without having to go back out security.

Barrett was amused for a long time chasing the bomb sniffing dog around. (His police man keeper was on a break and really friendly! But, his story about the dog almost biting a man's arm off once made me a little nervous about Barrett smacking the dog's head.) Once the dog had to go back to fighting crime, we still had 45 minutes to kill...

Eventually, 30 minutes later than expected, it was time to board.

Barrett and I walked down to the plane and everyone told me someone would help us. Apparently, Someone had the day off. I did manage to lug everything minus the stroller on the plane alone. I planted Barrett in an empty seat while I put his carseat in.

After it was in, a stewardess came to see if I needed assistance. I decided to let her put ice in Barrett's bottle and get me a Diet Coke since I already did the hard part alone.

Once I put Barrett in his chair, he was as happy as could be.

I am glad a got him his own seat because he was happy and the flight was packed with people that were sent from Hobby. Barrett fell asleep as we took off and woke up about an hour into the flight. He would have slept longer but the kid in front of us was screaming her head off. Geez, must people fly with screaming kids! Barrett ate a few animal crackers and watched cartoon network (Frontier airlines has Direct TV, I watched the gameshow network while he slept!).

As we began going down, Barrett got back in his seat with no complaints and went back to sleep. The landing was really rough and people were getting sick, but Barrett didn't even move. He woke up as we approached the gate.

We waited for everyone to get off the plane before I blocked the aisle with all our stuff. As I was carrying everything again, the same worthless stewardess thanked me for flying with them and smiled. I politely smiled and thanked her for all her help. I think the car seat might have bumped her a little hard as we made our way past her, oops!

Everything else went smooth, and we were in the car with my mom headed to Colorado Springs in no time.

Tuesday: Day of the Living Dead

Barrett did not sleep at all Monday night. I did not sleep at all because of Barrett and because I was still sick with the head cold thing. Mom did not sleep. We were all tired, but we managed to go shopping for a while. I decided I was too sick, and we came home. Fun vacation, right?

Wednesday: What is With This Head Cold?

Wednesday was bad. I did nothing. I barely got out bed. I coughed, sneezed, blew out more snot than I could imagine, and slept. Barrett was grumpy. Mom was grumpy. Everyone was pretty much worn out. Fun, fun, fun!

Thursday: She's Back, He's Out

Yeah for taking a day off. Mom, Barrett, and I shopped all day. We were all rested, and besides being REALLY grumpy all morning, Barrett did pretty well.

After our shopping marathon, we were all relaxing while Barrett played golf and torturing mom's dog, Einstein.

Suddenly, the mood took a major turn.

Barrett had his first REALLY bloody boo boo. He was trying to crawl out on the deck to enjoy the 60 degree weather, when he hit the door frame, with his face. More specifically, his top lip. His lip bled for about an hour. There was blood everywhere, all over him, me, mom, and our clothes.

Once we were able to stop the bleeding, we could see the damage. I have to say that when Barrett does things, he does them right. It was cut from the top of the front around to the inside top. I blame the top teeth that have given me and Barrett so many problems already. His lips looks a lot better today. :)

Friday: Thank God It's Friday

We made it to Breckenridge today since I am finally well, and so far the altitude hasn't bothered me one bit. Barrett has enjoyed crawling around and hanging out on the deck.

Now he is napping, and I am enjoying a little break. I'll hopefully be updating again soon. But, now, I am headed out to have a drink on the deck! I hope all of you back in Houston are staying cool.

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