Saturday, June 10, 2006

Splish Splash

I know we haven't been posting anything lately, but our church's VBS was this week. I was so exhausted every afternoon when we got home, I was lucky to get myself organized for the next day. I do have to say that I had an amazing experience, and I was blessed with the best group of teen volunteers. Some people thought I was crazy running the games for 500 kids with no other adults, but it couldn't have been better. The only major injury, a nose that the x-ray said wasn't broken, was the result of a 3 year old jumping on one of my teen volunteers. :)

So, Barrett and I are back to our normal, slow life this week.

Today, we went to Cindy's house to swim with her two kids. It was Barrett's first swim, so I was really excited. Barrett seemed to like the water. He wasn't excited just content to sit in his chair thing.

The real excitement started when Barrett's eyes started getting red, really red. I assume that sunscreen got into his eyes, and obviously, his eyes don't like it.

We played a little longer then we came home. On the drive home, his eyes got worse. So, I called the nurse line. She told me to flush his eyes out with water, which I had already done numerous times as I was holding on the phone. She also said to put saline drops in his eyes. I called Doug, gave him my order, and waited while Barrett whined and squinted to see me.

Luckily, Doug couldn't find saline drops, (big surprise!) and he asked the pharmacist where they were. The pharmacist then told him that some other drops would work better. When Doug came home, we put the drops in, and within minutes, Barrett was laughing, talking, and climbing.

I guess we'll try swimming again one day soon. I just need to switch sunscreen or convince Barrett to leave a hat on his pale little head!

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