Monday, June 12, 2006

The Pattern Continues

Barrett is still odd.

Most kids have a pacifier, a blanket, or their thumb, but Barrett isn't most kids.

Barrett has attached himself to a phone cord.

He started chewing on it a few months ago while Doug was trying to hold him and type on the computer. When Doug noticed it kept him occupied, he disconnected it from the phone so Barrett could play with it.

Now, there is a phone cord with us pretty much all the time.

He doesn't need it to sleep (he usually likes a burp cloth then), but he likes to have it with him when he's awake. He'll drag it all over the house. Sometimes it gets hung up on something, and he has it stretched as far as it will go. Usually that ends with the cord flying and hitting him, but he still continues to love it.

I'm really ok with the cord except when the phone is ringing and I can't find the cordless phone and the other two phones are "cordless". I also have to endure lots of women giving me looks in the store because my kid is gnawing on a phone cord, wrapping around his head like a head band and laughing, or stretching it and grunting.

He is finding something else he LOVES thanks to Daddy.

I might have to only cord carrying, Dr.Pepper addict 10 month old in the world. I am so proud!

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Karen said...

Well, what's not fun about a phone cord? It's soft, it's stretchy, fun to chew on, you can tie things up with it...hey, maybe I'll get myself one of those! :)