Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bluebonnet Pictures

On Friday, we went to Doug's Grandma's house to take the obligatory "we live in Texas" bluebonnet pictures.

Most people drive out in the country to find a patch in a ditch on the side of the road or jump some one's fence to get into a huge field of flowers.

I drive five minutes from home to Grandma's which used to be the country until Houston grew around her. Luckily, she loves flowers and lets a few patches grow in her yard still.

We ended up actually making two trips there. One in the morning that was not very successful, and one trip later in the day with our neighbors which was great because Barrett loves his buddy NeeNee.

I ended up taking around 200 pictures, and I have about 10 that I really like. (I have no idea how I lived before digital cameras. If I had to develop film and limit my number of pictures, I'd never get the shot I want.)

It was difficult to get a good one of Barrett because he seemed to remember our bluebonnet experience from last year. He would sit in the bluebonnets looking down at the ground saying, "Ants?"

I did manage to get a good standing up picture.

When we returned later in the day with NeeNee, he was a little more cooperative. He was willing to sit in them on her.

After taking bluebonnet pictures, Barrett got to sit by the flowers he really loved, the PINK ones.

I know his Daddy is so proud that he loves pink so much! You can tell in his face that he is a lot happier surrounded by pink!

There are still a couple of old tractors behind the barn at Gran Gran's, and Barrett liked showing them to NeeNee. He is used to them, but she thought it was really cool.

As Barrett and NeeNee were playing with everything in Gran Gran's garage, (safety was apparently not a concern of Gran Gran's because she was handing them all kinds of things that no one else would ever give a kid) I was visiting with my neighbor about Gran Gran.

As we talked about various things about her house like the Walgreen's that was built spitting distance from her bedroom window, I somehow got on the rabbit statue she has. I am always worried I am going to run it over, and Doug has commented on it more than once as being annoyed at her placement of it.

Then I realized that this bunny could serve a purpose.

I hadn't gotten around to taking Barrett to the mall for the overpriced bunny pictures, and he really doesn't get it yet anyway. So, here is my 2007 Easter bunny picture:

I might get Fisher to the mall while Barrett is in school this week, or I might just take him back to Gran Gran's and carry the statue back to the flowers.

Even though I really thought I wouldn't take bluebonnet pictures with Fisher, I decided that since the other kids were busy doing things like this,

I could at least attempt getting a few.

The bluebonnets were really tall, so the flowers are not as prominent in the pictures as most people have them, but he was cute anyway!

After I took a ton of pictures that all really look the same, I turned him over and let him enjoy the nice breeze. He seemed to really love being in the middle of a bunch of flowers enjoying the weather.

Overall the outings were successful, and Gran Gran was thrilled to see us twice in one day!

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Those pictures are beautiful!