Friday, April 13, 2007

Picture Day

We went and had the boys pictures taken today, and overall it was pretty successful.

Our photographer was great, and the boys both behaved perfectly except that neither one of them wanted to smile.

I'd write more about the experience, but I am short on time.

Doug just took the boys to his parent's house for the night (woo hoo), and I need to get ready for the party we are going to tonight.

I am really looking forward to a night of adult conversation with friends from church, not that I don't love discussing Barney with Barrett! :)

Here are some of the pictures that they took.


GiGi said...

Too Cute! My favorite is the one where Barrett has his arm around Fisher. Also I love the last one. Fisher is so cute in his little vest. He looks so big.
I like the second one of him by himself in his vest too. Oh, I'm a grandma, it's hard, I like them all!

Jodie said...

Those pictures are great! I love the one of Barrett kissing Fisher's head.

Oh, to have an adult night! Enjoy it!

ray said...

All of the pictures are great! I couldn't help, but smile looking at them.

Chas said...

Oh my..too cute..a blonde and a brunette!

karen said...

So cute! I love it! It ALMOST makes me want another one!