Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter #1

We had the first of our three Easter celebrations yesterday at the Gran Gran's house.

Barrett loved playing with all his cousins and the big people too. He had a blast playing outside, hunting eggs, dying eggs, eating candy and cookies, and even learning a few cheers from cousin Blair and her cheerleading friend, Bree.

When we have any gathering of this side of the family, we all expect Daphne to bring the yummiest cookies in the world with her. And by we all, I mainly mean me. I can eat hundreds of them.

Barrett seems to like sweets as much as his mom. All he really ate the entire day was cookies, candy, and a little rice. (After all, this is a rice farming family!)

The funniest part of the cookies was that they had those little, tiny ball sprinkles on them. Barrett would work really hard to take the "candies" off one by one to eat. He usually dropped it before it hit his mouth. He finally gave in and just ate the cookies.

When we went outside for the egg hunt, Barrett was ready to go. Doug actually had to pick him up so he would wait for the other kids.

As soon as we said go, Barrett took off after the eggs.

He didn't waste time trying to carry his basket. He sat it down, ran to an egg, and brought the egg back the the basket.

He was too funny. He would be running saying a color, and that would be the color of the egg he was after. (I think he got that from me because I constantly have to say what I am going to get or I will forget what I was going for.)

He did really well for being the littlest hunter out there, but he wasn't quite finished with his hunt.

As we were trying to get pictures of all the kids with their baskets full of eggs, Barrett saw this as a great opportunity.

He started going through Morgan's basket and stealing the eggs. Poor Morgan didn't even notice.

After a few minutes went by, Barrett had completely cleaned Morgan out.

I did put a bunch of the eggs back, but somehow Barrett's basket still ended up overflowing with eggs.

He even took Gran Gran's giant egg. I guess he thought taking them was so easy that no one would notice her yellow egg missing too. :)

Later in the day, the bigger kids were dying eggs, and Barrett decided he wanted to also. His Nana was there to help him, so we took off his shirt and let him try it.

Of course, he had to use the blue dye even though we tried to encourage the light yellow!

He successfully dyed the egg and put it in the egg carton. After worrying about his blue fingers, he wanted to hold his blue egg.

Things didn't go well with that.

He wasn't too thrilled that his egg broke, but he got ever it when he realized it was fun to break even more.

After he finished playing with it, he put it back in the carton.

Guess which one is his!

Overall, Barrett had a wonderful day!

For those of you thinking that Fisher wasn't even there because he's not in the pictures and I haven't mentioned him, I am not a bad mommy. He was there, and he was held by everyone all day.

I do have pictures of him being passed around, but I am pretty sure the next photo sums up his day without posting a ton of pictures.

Let's just say that Fisher probably had more fun than any of the other Schmidt men.

What man wouldn't love to be in his place?


Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to enjoy and laugh with you and Doug

Dad and Mary

Chas said...

So cute! Happy late Easter!!