Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Continued

Barrett and Fisher's Easter is officially over, and even though it was great, I'm glad it's over.

Saturday night at Doug's grandparent's house, Barrett counted to ten all on his own.

Nana was having him count her fingers, and he got to three which is nothing new, but then he kept going all the way to ten.

She was shocked and she said to me, "You didn't tell me he could count to ten."

I had a really good reason for not telling, I didn't know.

Apparently the Barney episode where Baby Bop learns to count to ten not only helped Baby Bop but Barrett too.

He's been counting ever since.

I'd love to show you picture of that Easter celebration, but I forgot my camera. Here the boys are before we left.

On Easter morning, we went to church. We were running too late for me to get pictures of them in their cute outfits, but I am getting them professionally taken later this week, so I'll post those pictures then.

After church, we drove to the beach to get together with my mom's family. For years we have been going to the beach where my aunt rents a beach house for the day, and somehow the weather never cooperates. In the years I have been with Doug, the weather has only been good once.

This year was no exception. I was freezing. Seriously, it almost was. It was 36 degrees Sunday morning, and the truck's temperature thing said it was 49 degrees when we pulled up to the beach.

Even though it was cold, Doug still took Barrett down to the beach.

We had been preparing him for the beach, so when we said we were walking there, Barrett kept saying beach.

Unfortunately, his pronunciation of beach didn't sound like beach.

My sister didn't think it was funny when I told everyone he was calling for her. :)

While we were walking down the boardwalk, Barrett really didn't know what to expect.

As soon as he saw the beach, he started running towards it.

Daddy picked him up and walked out to the water.

Before looking at the next picture, I have a warning for you.

For those of you who have never experienced a Texas beach, they are ugly. Get over it. There is seaweed everywhere (unless the beach is groomed), brown water, and ugly sand. The only redeeming quality about it is that our sand really can make castles unlike that loose sand other places.

Barrett loved watching the waves. He laughed when Daddy walked towards them then ran away when the water chased them. He laughed even harder when his cousin, Tyler, stood in the water letting the waves hit him.

When we left the beach a few minutes later because we were freezing, Barrett wanted to stay.

We convinced him to tell the water bye- bye, and we promised him we'd come back when we wouldn't freeze.

Easter was great with the exception of one major problem.

C - A - N - D - Y

Barrett wants it all the time. He walks around looking for it. He opens every plastic egg we have hoping there is some inside.

I think we've created a monster...

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GiGi said...

Love the beach pictures!!! Why is it always cold at Easter? Better than here in Breckenridge where we had to shovel snow to go to church.
Maybe we need to move Easter to May.

Love GiGi