Thursday, April 12, 2007

He's Armed and Not So Dangerous

Yesterday afternoon, Barrett was restless, and to be honest, so was I. We ended up calling next door and asking NeeNee to come play.

After being inside for a while, NeeNee begged to go outside and play with her and Barrett's newest toys.

For Easter, they got matching guns.

Not the kind of gun Doug wants Barrett to have, but it's still a gun.

Barrett has his first water gun.

After filling them up, NeeNee immediately starting shooting Barrett.

I told her to back off while I taught him how to work it.

Let's just say that if yesterday is any indication of my son's shooting abilities, it will be a LONG time before he has a real gun.

Once Barrett figured out how to shoot, he was loving chasing NeeNee and attempting to shoot her. Needless to say, he only got himself very wet, but he was having a blast.

He ran out of water pretty quickly, and he felt like he could refill on his own.

Once he finished "reloading", I took off his soaking wet shirt, shoes, and socks.

He was then ready to attack his prey.

Sydney was busy trying to shoot her other neighbor, Papa Matt, through the fence, so Barrett was going for the sneak attack.

It would have been great if he knew how to aim. He really ended up shooting himself while NeeNee shot him too, but he was really proud of himself!

Here he is showing his muscles after his brutal attack...

If you're wondering where little brother was the whole time, he was enjoying watching the two big kids play. See how happy he looks!

I think he was really secretly happy about his brother's inability to aim.

I'm sure it won't be long until they will be arguing about who is a better shot.


Jodie said...

So cute. Its been beautiful outside...perfect for water guns. Barrett is so cute. Love the picture of him "refilling" his gun with hose.

GiGi said...

Both boys look so cute. I think this is a sign of lots of fun days to come. Fisher looks so cute smiling. Love those boys!!