Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barrett is Two!

Barrett had a wonderful day today. He had so much fun that tonight when I took him to his room to go to bed, he wanted to get straight in bed without any songs which is a first!

I decided part way through the morning to make Barrett a cake for tonight. I asked him what he wanted, and his first choice was a horse. Since I have no idea how to draw a horse with icing, I told him to pick something else.

Here's what he chose.

He loved his giant, pink pig! (I'm not sure Daddy was very proud.)

We went to dinner, and at his request, we went for Mexican. He's knew exactly what he wanted to order when the waiter came, "puff, rice, cheese, no beans."

After dinner, we came home and had cake and opened presents with Nana, Paw, and NeeNee.

Barrett LOVED us singing to him and blowing out the candles.

We ended up singing twice and relighting the candles four times. He would have done that all night if we would have let him. He'll be thrilled on Saturday at his party that he gets to do it all over again.

He got lots of cool presents. He especially liked the "letter C" pillow (that's what he called it) from Papa and Mary, the counting books from Gigi and Jim, and the V-Smile Baby from Nana and Paw.

Even though he loved them all, he definitely has a favorite. He was so excited when he pulled out his new "Big Peanut". (Both of his Peanuts are now sleeping with him.)

All day long he talked about being two. There were so many great things he said today, but my favorite was what he said when I asked, "How many years old are you now?"

He answered, "Two old."

I think I'll say, "too old," on my next birthday too.


FosterMom said...

How fun! My oldest turned two in March - we did a pirate party for him and he loved it. Your boys are so darn cute!

Chas said...

He is such a little cutie. What a fun birthday!!