Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Party

Barrett's birthday party was lots of fun. It was so much fun that it has taken me four days to finally feel a little rested.
We had his party at Doug's parents house (thank you Nana & Paw), so Saturday started with Doug and I getting everything to their house and trying to get organized.
Doug's brother, Ray, and his girlfriend, Kristin, flew in from Phoenix late Friday, so Barrett was able to wake them up. He loved getting time with them before the party.

Barrett and Paw decided to swim in the pools after setting them up.

While Barrett took his nap, I ran to get the cake and go home to change.

When I got home, my dad was there to surprise me. He flew in for the party too. Barrett is so lucky to have so many people fly in for him!

When I returned to Nana and Paw's with the cake, Barrett was really excited. As people arrived for his party, he made them look at his cake while he pointed out each of the animals on it and the barn.

When my sister came in with is giant "pick-a-lotta" (pinata), he was really excited. However, later when it was time to beat it with a stick, he wouldn't do it. He was willing to eat the candy though. My nephew, Austin, thought the pinata was his.

Barrett's future girlfriend, Mary, was there too. It took her a while to warm up to the party atmosphere, but she ended up having lots of fun with the boys in the pool. Her daddy, on the other hand, looked exhausted. I don't know if it was from keeping up with her or from the thought of her swimming with three boys and Barrett kissing on her that really wore him out.

Just like on his actual birthday, his favorite part of the party was singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

Unlike last year, he was willing to get a little messy with his cake this year.
(Thanks Papa & Uncle Russell for encouraging him to do that!)
Barrett got so many great gifts, and he is still loving having all his "new toys" as he calls them.

Overall it was a great day of seeing friends and playing. When we got home that night, he said he missed his friends, so he must have had a great time too!

Thank you to everyone who made Barrett's day special!


GiGi said...

Brigitte, Thanks for putting on the birthday pictures. It looked like a great party! Wish I could have been there too. I really like the picture of him eating his cake. What a cute farm cake!
Hope this week is more relaxing for you.

Chas said...

That pic of Barrett and Paw in the pool...Paw w/ his long sleeves...that is so funny!

Laura Neal said...

Happy Birthday to Barrett! Now you are really in for the fun, it doesn't settle down until they hit 4 or 5! Just think, the three's are far worse than the two's!

Anonymous said...

Cute Pics! Mary said thanks for the wonderful time! Chasing her was exhausting not to mention the swimming pool....

Mary's Dad