Sunday, August 26, 2007


Barrett was just throwing a huge fit.

He was screaming and screaming at Doug as he threw himself down.

Apparently, Daddy took away his "toy".

Barrett was screaming, "I want bullets!"

How did Daddy solve it?

He said, "Either put your nose in the corner or stop the fit."

Barrett replied, "I'm done."

Question: Now, what is the best way to reinforce that bullets aren't toys?

Answer: Putting together a new shot gun in the living room with Daddy.

(It's not my logic, but that's what I get for marrying a country boy. There are no bullets in the living room for those of you who are concerned, and the new weapon will go in the arsenal, I mean safe, when it is done.)

I have so many other things to blog about, but there is no time right now. Barrett starts school Thursday, so I might actually catch up then. To remind myself, here is my "coming soon" list:

-Fisher's Baptism
-Fisher Sitting Up
-Barrett's First Starbucks
-Daddy & Barrett "Have a Talk" at Dinner
-Beating Little Brother and Other Fun Things that Pass Barrett's Time

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