Friday, August 10, 2007

He's Such a Man

After Barrett's bath, he likes for me to dry his hair with the hairdryer.

Lately, he's wanted his hair to "stick high". As I laughed at him, he told me to "take a picture". (I guess he's used to hearing me say that!)

After I took this picture of his hair, he started to laugh at himself in the mirror. He was talking about his hair being funny, but then he said, "Barrett is so cute. I kiss Barrett."

I'm sure he got this one from Doug.

It won't be long before he'll be flexing his muscles too...


Chas said...

He is such a cutie, and FUNNY too.

Jacqueline said...

He is adorable! I love the mirror picture. It could win a contest! I would love to meet you sometime. If you see me at church, please introduce yourself to me. I'll look for the kids in the nursery!

Laura Neal said...

He looks like Howard Jones from the 80's. His hair style is in fashion now. He is adorable.

Kris said...

He can be on High School Musical with that hair!!! What a stylish dude!

GiGi said...

Love the videos!! thanks for taking the time to share. The boys are toooo cute. Barrett is so full of personality. Fisher will probably talk more than him.
Get your ear plugs!!