Friday, August 10, 2007

The Gift

There are so many things parents hope their children inherit from various family members.

On most days, Barrett is his daddy in so many ways, and I love it. Although, I used to wonder what he was going to get from me.

Now I know.

I gave him one of my gifts, but I'm not sure it's my best quality.

He, without a doubt, has the gift of gab.

He talks ALL the time, and he wants everyone to listen to him ALL the time.

There are so many funny and sweet things he says. I keep meaning to write them down, but life just hasn't let me sit down to type lately. SO, here is a brief list of some of my recent favorites.

He crawled into bed with me the other night after being with Daddy all evening and said, "I missed you."

Every now and then out of nowhere he'll say, "I love you." (Granted, he also says it to the tv, his farm animals, the couch, grapes, etc.)

As I was getting ready the other morning, he ran into the bathroom and said, "You pretty."

When we are in traffic, he says, "We stuck twassic, geez!"

"That's my fave-root" He says this when you ask him which show he wants to watch. He follows up his selection by letting me know it is his favorite.

He called NeeNee with help from me on the speakerphone. When she answered, he said, "NeeNee come play my house?" NeeNee asked who it was, and he replied, "Bear-Wit, you come play my house now?" She said ok and came over.

"Be patient Mommy." No need to explain. Thanks Daddy for teaching him that one!

Two of my favorites have been caught on film.

The first one is what he says when I say I need to go change Fisher's poopy diaper, and yes, he's serious.

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This video is what he says when you try to talk to him or get him to do something when he has a different agenda. Once he found the fish, he was willing to talk.

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I know there are so many I am forgetting, but those are my favorites.

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