Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fisher's Christening

The day after Barrett's birthday party, we had Fisher baptized. I realize this was almost two weeks ago, but things have just been too busy. (I think Fisher now crawling like a pro has made life a lot more complicated!)

It wasn't easy getting everyone up and dressed after a long day of partying the previous day, but we managed to get it together and even had time to take pictures of the boys before they got messy.

We were so lucky to have lots of family there. Nana, Paw, Uncle Ray, Kristin, Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Russell, Tyler, Austin, Papa, Uncle Pat, Cousin Jeremy, Great Grandma, and Great Grandpa were all there a lots of out church family came too!

One of the most special parts for me was that three of the high school girls I work with were a part of the christening. They were some of the first people to meet Fisher, and they even had a hand in naming him, so it was so special to have Taylor, Becca, and Amanda be a part of his baptism.

When Mike put the water on Fisher's head, Barrett said, "Oh, no, Baby's wet." Besides that comment the only thing Barrett was really concerned about was where the balls were. The room the contemporary service is in at our church is the gym he plays in at Mother's Day Out.

Fisher seemed completely unfazed by the whole event, but he did giggle when Mike held him up to show him to the congregation.

After the baptism, we all went to eat lunch and Fisher pretty much slept through his entire celebration which actually made having lunch out really relaxing for me. Well, it was relaxing because he slept and Doug was stuck at the end of the table with all the kids. ;)

After lunch, we came home and played and then both boys crashed for two of the longest naps they've ever taken. Maybe we should have full weekends more often!

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