Sunday, September 09, 2007

The School Year Begins

Now that Barrett has been in school for a couple of weeks, I guess I could write about his first day.

We went to meet the teacher the day before school started, and Barrett loved every minute of it.

He walked right into his class and started to play. He actually has two classes this year, one on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then a different one on Fridays. When we went to the second class, he was really excited because Ms. Sheri gave him a stamp and told him that she heard he was lots of fun, but that was not the highlight of his day.

When we were walking down the hall, he saw his favorite person at the school, Ms. Barb, the music teacher. He ran to her and hugged her. She says that he is her "most entertaining" student.

The next morning, Barrett was ready to go to school the moment he woke up.

He was so easy to get dressed, and there was no battle about the shoes. He ate breakfast quick and with no complaints. He was even excited to take pictures with his new backpack and lunch kit.

He was more excited to look in his new backpack. (His brother was curious too.)

I think he was a little disappointed to only find diapers and a change of clothes inside.

When it was time to get in the car, he insisted on wearing the backpack which led to our only fit of the morning.

Barrett just didn't understand why he couldn't wear it in his car seat. He ended up riding to school hugging it in his lap.

Once we got to school, he went right in with no problem. Quite a few of the other kids were crying, and when I leaned in to say I would see him later, he said, "You can leave now."

I guess he was as ready for school to start as I was.

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Laura Neal said...

He is so adorable with his backpack!