Saturday, September 01, 2007

Look, But Don't Touch

Barrett has been really sweet about sharing with his brother lately, and he only has one rule Fisher has to follow.

Fisher can look at any of Barrett's toys, but Barrett doesn't want him to touch them.

Barrett will take toys to show Fisher, but when Fisher reaches for it, Barrett makes this awful squeal noise and runs off with the toy.

I am slowly convincing him that Fisher is allowed to play with his toys, and if he won't share, the toy will go to "timeout". We currently have a mountain of toys on the top of the entertainment center.

Here is a short video of Barrett attempting to share with Fisher.

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Luckily for Fisher, he lost interest in Barrett's reading quickly because Barrett normally stops pushing his hand away from things and hits him on the head by the third or fourth attempt Fisher makes at touching a toy.

Barrett has gotten smart and now likes to play with toys on the couch and coffee table because Fisher can't get to them.

Yesterday, Fisher pulled up on the coffee table.

Barrett's going to have to get a new tactic really soon.

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