Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where are the Blue Man Group Auditions?

Even though I don't understand the fascination with the Blue Man Group, I think they could use a Little Blue Man.

We'll need to work on getting better coverage, but I think Barrett has real potential.

(I realize the color looks more green than blue in the picture, but trust me, it was very, very blue.)

Luckily, after Daddy found a new use for the tub tints, he was able to easily rinse it off.


GiGi said...

Brigitte, I love Fishers new hair cut. He looks so old. Thank God I am coming to see you soon. Too cute - Barrett feeding him stars. I am so glad you can take these videos and share them. You didn't tell me about the tooth episode. I have to hear more. No wonder you had such a bad day!!!!

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tooth- you and your sister took a few headers in your youth also.

Whose leg is in the background?? Mary is really concerned if it is yours :-)



Kris said...

I love the action shot with all that blue water! What fun!

Jami said...

It is almost Sept. 29th. I hope everything is well at the Schmidt household, cause it has been two weeks since you posted anything. I miss my entertainment!

Chas said...

How funny! I think Lila needs some blue bath water.

Anonymous said...

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