Friday, September 14, 2007

What's the Opposite of Teething?

Teething has been a battle around our house for probably 20 months or so.

Every time I think we're done for a while, one of the boys start the process again.

I was talking earlier today about teething with my friend, Cindy, and I made the same comment I always do, "When I meet God, teething is going to be one of my first 'why' questions I ask Him."

Well, apparently, God was bored today because I think he was listening to my conversation.

So, I will put in writing here that I will no longer question the big man about why He chose to make kids go through teething.

In fact, I'll make him a deal.

If I promise not to question Him about teething, can he let Barrett keep the other 15.75 teeth that he already has?

Yep, Barrett knocked out about a fourth of one of his bottom front teeth today.

He's fine. It apparently didn't even hurt that bad because he only cried for the first two or so minutes after he rammed his face into the couch. I cried longer than he did.

Even though I know that it can't be fixed and that it's "only a baby tooth", we are going to the dentist first thing Monday morning.

Maybe they can at least make it look a little less jagged.


Amanda said...

And where is the picture?

Jami said...

My little grand daughter Mia also chipped a tooth. Top front one, lost a corner. I just wanted to cry also. She did it while at her dad's and I wanted to blame him for not watching her closer. Jennifer took her to a dentist, and once again "it is just a baby tooth" and "as long as it does not turn black, it will be fine". Fine, perfect sweetheart now has a visible imperfection! Several months have passed and now I just think "well, it adds character", it actually is a visible sign of her character....rough and tumbly! I am sorry Barrett chipped a tooth. But I am glad it hurt him less than you!

Kris said...

Poor thing!!!!!!! Yeah, don't you hate when you question and he gives you a big whopping answer!

Chas said...

Poor Barrett! I'm w/ Amanda...we definitely need a picture :).

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Sorry you got hurt, Barrett!